CO2 Carbon Dioxide Bath

Have you ever noticed that your headache weakens after you drink some sparkling water with carbon dioxide? If not, try that the next time you have some migraines and see what happens! The carbon dioxide bath will widen your arteries, which results in a better flow of oxygen through your blood vessels, thus increasing your blood circulation. The oxygen will reach your brain much faster thereby relieving your head aches.

But carbon dioxide is not only helpful to treat headaches. Its beneficial health effects have been discovered many centuries ago and are to this day widely used at European Health Resorts. In fact, the CO2 Bath, also known as carbonic bath or carbon dioxide bath, is among the most popular spa treatments. It can be administered either as a dry or liquid water bath. During the dry CO2 bath you will be placed in a full body bag, while leaving your comfortable clothing on. The bag will be closed tightly and only your head will stick out. Then the CO2 gas will be induced into the bag. Instantly you will notice pleasant warmth going through your body. The gas will reach your skin pores and enter your blood stream. Your blood circulation will increase, while your body is in a completely calm position. That is why this treatment is also especially recommendable for the elderly. Same treatment process applies to the liquid carbon dioxide water bath; only with the exception that you will relax in warm CO2 water with a temperature of about 33 Celsius (ca. 90 Fahrenheit) and the CO2 gas will reach your blood stream through your skin directly from the water. The bath ritual should not take longer than 20 minutes and will usually be followed by a 30 minute relaxation session in a lounge chair, so your body can get some rest.

The decisive factor for the best therapeutic effect is the gas concentration, the water temperature and the total bath time. The most optimum gas concentration level is considered to be between 1000 and 1400 mg per liter. You can find CO2 gas spas all throughout Europe each with its own unique CO2 level, but the most famous and most concentrated CO2 gas is found in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic.

Recommended for: high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, circulatory disorders, migraines, chronic fatigue, diabetics foot, all types of skin problems, especially poorly healing wounds and eczema, cellulite, dysfunctional thyroid, after heart attacks, myocardial disease

  Which Spa Hotel offers this Treatment?

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