Are you looking for an affordable spa break in Europe? Then look no further! Lithuania located at the Baltic Sea has established itself among the ranks of many re-known European Spa Countries and competes with top-class medical wellness offerings that won’t break your bank.  Whether you are looking to just unwind or take advantage of more comprehensive spa programs to maybe lose weight or improve your health and well-being, Lithuania’s Spa Resorts will certainly have the right retreat for you!

And with beautiful nature and many state parks across the country, a tranquil coast at the picturesque Baltic Sea, various UNESCO Heritage sites and must-see cities, you will have plenty to discover during your stay. And in the modern world of today you can reach Lithuania from anywhere in the world. With three international airports that are connected to all major European hubs, you can be at your wellness destination in no time!


to know!

EURO (€) is the official currency in Lithuania since 2015. As in most European countries, it is rather common to pay in cash. But of course all hotels, major stores and restaurants accept credit cards. However, it is recommended to ask or check the sticker at the entrance door for the accepted payment mode in each establishment.

Most Lithuanians will not expect to be tipped, but will of course greatly appreciate it! If you are happy with the service, leave a 10% tip.

  • Vilnius
  • Kaunas
  • Palanga

Within the larger cities you will find a well-established public transportation net. However, if you want to travel outside those cities, you will be better off renting a car or taking the train. You can find the train schedules and great travel deals online at

Located at the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe, one thing is for sure: the weather is very cold in winter, but on the bright side: snow is almost always guaranteed. So if you are a winter lover, then a spa retreat during the winter months is magical! But if you rather want to explore the outdoors and Lithuania’s many lakes and its beautiful countryside, then you should plan your visit during summer to early fall.

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