Health Spas in Italy

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.

– Buddha (563 – 483 BC), Hindu Prince and Founder of Buddhism

  Abano Grand Hotel Anti-Aging Thermal SPA*****L



At the foot of the rolling Euganean Hills you’ll be enchanted by Abano Grand Hotel, the only 5-star Deluxe Hotel in Padua, Italy located just 45 minutes from Venice. Set amidst six lush acres and surrounded by a beautiful garden of olive trees, sweeping palms and tropical plants, this world-class Spa Hotel offers you a luxurious retreat paired with outstanding medical and anti-aging treatments, delicious cuisine and breathtaking surroundings…

Recommended for: anti-aging and rejuvenation, chronic fatigue, weight loss and weight management, anti-stress, detoxification, all types of skeletal and joints problems, general regeneration, recovery after surgeries