Portugal & Spain

Portugal is an astonishingly beautiful country. Enjoy the old flair of charming seacoast towns, colorful villages, ancient castles and a rich architectural heritage. It all adds up to Portugal’s surprising variety of landscapes and cultural treasures. Discover the incredible variety for such a small country, which combined with lower prices than in other European destinations, makes it one of the most rewarding travel experiences in the world.

And also Spain has much to offer! Besides its great beaches and beautiful cities, Spain is also crowned as the world’s third country with the most natural biosphere reserves that are accredited by UNESCO. Combine your vacation with a unique nature discovery experience and explore the many lakes, mountains, volcanoes, marshes, forests, rivers, valleys, and cliffs… Get away from it all, breathe deeply and just let go!

Health travelers and wellness lovers will find peace and harmony in many of the outstanding resorts across Portugal and Spain. Highly sophisticated health treatments that rely to a great extent on natural resources, such as thermal water or nutrient-rich soil, will heal your pains and revive your lost energy…


to know!

The EURO (€) is the official currency in Portugal and in Spain. Usually you would pay in cash, but of course all hotels, major stores and restaurants accept credit cards. When you shop locally, please make sure to ask or check the sticker at the entrance door to see if and which credit cards are accepted.

A service charge is usually included in your final bill, but if you are happy with the service you received, then it is common to leave a 5% to 10% tip.


  • Faro
  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Funchal
  • Ponta Delgada



  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Malaga
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Alicante

To explore both countries, especially the rural areas and small little villages at the coast or in the midlands, it is recommended to rent your own car. That way you will be most flexible and have access to many beautiful local delights. If you like to travel in comfort, then you will be happy about the many airports that Spain has to offer. Portugal’s airports are also conveniently located throughout the country.

Portugal and Spain are both certainly most popular during Summer. The stunning beaches and azure blue ocean waters are the prime attraction contributors. But the midlands and the various cultural as well as rural delights are certainly very attractive as well. You can enjoy both countries throughout the year as the winters tend to be fairly mild compared to other European countries.

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