A spa vacation – as we know it today – was an invention of the Romans. Back many hundred years ago, thermal spring bath gatherings were a welcome change for Italy’s high society, they even traveled across Europe to try out other spas. The curative effects of the hot springs and the famous Italian volcano mud (also known as fango mud) were used for pain management and relaxation purposes.

Today, health and wellness spas in Italy are as famous as many centuries ago. Travelers from all over the world visit Italy to take advantage of its natural resources, and to be true to the motto “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!”


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The EURO (€) is the currency used in Italy. It is recommended to always have cash on hand, since this is the most common payment mode. But certainly you can expect to be able to pay with credit cards at hotels, major stores and restaurants. Just keep in mind to ask or check the sticker at the entrance door for the accepted payment mode in each establishment.

In Italy, it is not really a must to tip, however it is considered a polite gesture. If you are happy with your service, then a 5% – 10% tip is appreciated.

  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Bergamo
  • Venice Marco Polo
  • Catania
  • Naples

For an authentic Italian experience, especially the ability to visit Italian villages and rural hidden gems, it is recommended to rent a car. If you are however on the budget, then you can certainly travel by train. This mode of transportation is quite cheap and connects most major cities. Check your travel options online at

Italy’s most popular travel seasons are Spring, late Summer and Fall. The pleasant Mediterranean climate offers beautiful experiences throughout these seasons. Typically, during the peak summer month of August, most Italians are on vacation, so you will experience that some Hotels, family-run restaurants and stores close down during that month. Simultaneously,  more tourists are traveling as well, so to avoid crowded places and extremely hot weather conditions, it is advisable not to travel in August and instead visit Italy from April to June and from September to November.

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