Health Spas in Lithuania

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

– Robert Urich (1946 – 2002), American Actor

  Vilnius Grand Resort*****



Just 20 minutes away from Lithuania’s capital city, you will find the Vilnius Grand Resort*****VIP surrounded by lakes and lush forests with winding hills that blend harmoniously into the landscape, inviting you to discover nature, delicious food, and pure relaxation. The Vilnius Grand Resort delights its guests with an original style, outstanding gourmet cuisine, impeccable spa service and superb hospitality. Whether you are looking for a quick spa getaway or an extended wellness retreat – the Vilnius Grand Resort is the perfect choice for that!

Recommended for: weight loss & weight management, manager stress, chronic fatigue, burnout, anti-stress, emotional rebalance, general health improvement, anti-aging, complete well-being