A Health & Wellness Spa Vacation in Germany means a clean and Therapeutic Climate, Beautiful Regions and the Healing Powers of Mother Nature’s Soil, Water and Air. Put yourself first again in Germany’s fabulous Health and Wellness Spas. Here you will find everything that’s good for you and much more!

Did you know that Germany is the Birthplace of Naturopathic Medicine? With more than 350 certified Spa Towns and a variety of Natural Remedies at disposal, makes Germany the most well-respected Health and Wellness destination in all of Europe.

Come and experience Body, Mind and Soul in perfect Harmony, where nothing else matters but You!


to know!

The currency used in Germany is the EURO (€) and it is most common to pay in cash. But of course all hotels, major stores and restaurants accept credit cards. However, it is recommended to ask or check the sticker at the entrance door for the accepted payment mode in each establishment.

As a general rule, gratuity is included in your bill, so there is no need to tip. However, should you dine at a restaurant or cafe, and you receive good service, it is recommended to leave a 5% – 10% tip.

  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Munich
  • Berlin – Tegel
  • Hamburg
  • Duesseldorf
  • Stuttgart

Germany offers one of the finest public transportation systems in Europe. You can travel by plane, train, bus, or boat. The most common and popular mode of transportation is by train. You can find great travel deals online at

Summer is the best time to visit Germany. But Spring and Fall are also good options, especially the months of May and September, when there is little rainfall and the temperatures are still pleasant.

Winter can get quite cold with frequent snow, fog and rain. But this makes a Spa Hotel Stay with  a heated indoor pool and steam sauna even better!

Ready to Unwind, Relax, Recover… ?