Discover yoga for your well-being! One of the newest medical wellness treatment additions is this mind-body practice exercise that combines stretching with controlled breathing and relaxation techniques, which help reducing stress, lower blood pressure and improve the heart’s function.

Yoga has many styles, forms and intensity levels. The most common style of yoga is “Hatha”, which is very effective for stress management and especially favorable among beginners, because of its slower pace and easier body movements. But due to the versatility of yoga, almost anyone can find a style that fits his or her personal health preferences.

Yoga is based on core poses, also called postures, which are a series of body movements that are designed to increase flexibility and strength. During class you will experience several poses that range from relaxed exercises on the yoga mat to difficult postures that are aimed on strengthening your physical abilities. Breathing, and especially controlling your breathing, is an integral part of yoga as it influences your body’s energy flow and affects your state of relaxation.

A number of studies have shown that yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate chronic conditions such as depression, pain or insomnia. It also improves physical fitness as well as motion and muscle strength, which serves as a great injury prevention measure. And the most common benefit of yoga is the increased feeling of well-being and complete relaxation. Therefore, it is now more and more common to see yoga being a part of a treatment regimen at a health spa resort.

Recommended for: stress management, gaining new energy and vitality, physical strengthening, mental well-being, anxiety reduction, improved joint health and injury prevention, better physical balance

  Which Spa Hotel offers this Treatment?

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