Thymus / Fresh Cell Therapy

In 1954 researchers in Germany discovered the importance of the thymus gland; an organ that sits behind the breastbone and produces t-cells which are vital for the correct functioning of our immune system.

The thymus gland achieves its full performance during puberty. Thereafter the production of thymosins, the active thymus substances which are so important for the body’s defense, diminishes continually. At the age of 50 we only have 20% of the level compared to puberty. By the age of 70 the thymus gland has almost ceased to work completely. This means that our body becomes more exposed to infections and diseases. Our immune system is not able to “fight” any more and needs help, especially in the second half of our life-span.

A thymus therapy with 10 to 20 natural fresh cell injections ensures that the body gets back the required level of thymosins needed to win the fight against viruses, bacteria, etc. Decades of research and clinical examinations discovered that regular application of thymus/fresh cell injections reduces our body’s vulnerability to infections. A visible improvement in the general condition of most patients can be detected just shortly after taking this therapy; moreover it leads to a fundamental restoration of the immune system. A fresh cell therapy is to this day only available in Europe.


Recommended for: all types of infectious diseases, chronic and rheumatic pains, skin diseases, allergies, chronic fatigue, after surgeries or long-lasting illnesses e.g. cancer, leukemia, tumors, or as an immune system boost against aging and lack of energy

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