Stanger Bath Therapy

Stanger Bath Therapy is in North America practically unknown – in Europe however, it plays an important therapeutic role. The beneficial health effects of hydroelectricity (water electricity) had been discovered in the beginning of the 20th century and practiced ever since.

Stanger Bath Tubs are out of plastic and are enhanced with fiberglass. Metal plates are mount at the sides and foot-board of the tub and are used as anode (plus pole) and cathode (minus pole). The polarity is interchangeable which makes it possible to target specific parts of the body. A switch controls the intensity of the induced electricity and is regulated according to the patient’s sensitivity level.

You will be surprised, because a hydro-electric bath therapy is virtually pain free. The electricity is sensed only through a tingling on the skin. The water temperature is around 93°F (ca. 33ºC). Depending on what health condition is being treated, the temperature can be colder or slightly warmer. The water in the tub and our body itself, which also consists of 70% water, are the perfect conductors of electricity. The flow of voltage through the body increases circulation in the skin up to 500% and in deep muscle tissue up to 300%, leading to a stimulus of the metabolic system and cell regeneration. Enhancing electricity from the anode lowers the muscle tension, thus lowers the pain. Enhancing electricity from the cathode increases the blood flow in the muscle tissue.

The therapeutic effects of a Stanger Bath are beyond dispute and are therefore used throughout Europe in rehabilitative facilities, private practices, hospitals as well as spa resorts as a medical wellness treatment.


Recommended for: muscle hypertension, paralysis, gout, rheumatism, sciatic pain syndrome, arthritis, gynecological problems, faster recovery from bone fractures and surgeries, excessive sweating disorder

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