Moxa Therapy

Moxa therapy or moxibustion is an ancient medical treatment within the field of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is a heat therapy with herbs on acupuncture points, meridians and certain parts of the body, which helps ease blockages and encourages the energy flow.

Moxa consists of mugwort, a plant which grows in Asia and Europe. The leaves of this plant are dried, pulverized and processed in various ways, depending on its intended usage. The most famous form is the moxa cigar which allows a better regulation of heat and distance to the skin. Another therapy form includes the burning of mugwort on top of acupuncture needles.

During the therapy warmth and herbal properties of the mugwort enter our pores. The nerves on our skin are stimulated and as a result the pituitary gland and adrenal gland gets activated. The heat also facilitates a better blood circulation and leads to a general feeling of relaxation. Thus, this treatment is both, relaxing and healing.


Recommended for: joints and muscle pain, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal problems, migraine, gynecological problems, circulation disorders, metabolism problems

  Which Spa Hotel offers this Treatment?

Boutique & Feelness Hotel Muerz****
Grandhotel Lienz*****