Moor Mud Bath

Already in the 14th century Europeans discovered the curative and relaxing powers of warm moor mud. And to this day, this natural remedy is still widely used in spa resorts, private practices and clinics for medical and wellness purposes.

Moor mud (also known as therapeutic peat) is a true natural remedy. Unlike other muds that are used in the spa industry, moor mud contains practically no clay (less than 3%). Instead, it is a natural composition of organic remains from herbs, flowers and grasses. These have been deposited at the bottom of a swamp where they did not decompose completely, due to lack of oxygen in the water. The semi-decomposed plant remnants rested in bogs over centuries, slowly turning into peat. When moorlands are drained, the peat is exposed and can be removed. It is cut into small pieces and mixed with purified or spa water until it forms a thick, dark brown paste. The mud can be used either as a full-body treatment in form of a bath, or as a partial body wrap.

Moor mud has a unique composition of humic acids, fulvic acids, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones, and fatty acids, which are released when the mud is heated. These nutrients are then absorbed through the skin and deposited in the aching parts of the body. Moor mud has a very wide field of application. It is used for beauty, well-being and primarily for health purposes.

The best moor mud is found in Europe, where it has been in creation for the past 10,000 years. Keep in mind, that the moor mud found in spa salons throughout North America is usually imported. To make the mud available for transportation, it is dried and pulverized. Unfortunately, this procedure dramatically reduces the moor’s thermal properties, leading to a less effective treatment. Therefore, you should consider travelling to the source.

Recommended for: joint diseases, rheumatism, spinal column pains, nervous system disorders, gynecological problems, skin cleansing and rejuvenation

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