Kneipp Therapy

Kneipp Therapy is a form of hydrotherapy (water therapy) that was created by the Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897). Today, it still represents a holistic approach in the field of naturopathic healing and contemporary preventative medicine and is widely practiced in spas and wellness resorts throughout Europe. It is commonly also known as “Kneipping” or “Kneipp Cure”.

The principle of a Kneipp Therapy is based on hot and cold showers, rinses, baths, and compresses. The interplay of hot and cold water on the skin, widens the arteries, stimulates blood flow and the metabolic system and strengthens the immune system.

The picture shows a spa kneipp pool with divided bowls that are filled with cold and hot water, respectively. By stepping from one bowl to the other, arteries are widened leading to an increased blood circulation in the legs.

A diet consisting mostly of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains; herbal supplements and botanical medicine; movement therapy with periods of resting and exercising; round up the holistic picture of a Kneipp Therapy.

Recommended for: high and low blood pressure, arthritis, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, digestive system problems and week immune system

  Which Spa Hotel offers this Treatment?

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Organic SPA Hotel Eggensberger****
Boutique & Feelness Hotel Muerz****
Das Central | Alpine . Luxury . Life*****
Savoy Westend Hotel*****
Tree of Life SPA Resort****S
Resort Svata Katerina****
Abano Grand Hotel Anti-Aging Thermal SPA*****L