Fango Mud

In North America fango mud is regarded as a natural beauty secret, especially for body and facial skin; in Europe however, fango mud has been used for centuries to cure various types of health problems.

Fango mud is a pulverized substance of volcano remains, which are very rich in nutrients and minerals. Its healing power was discovered in the Roman Ages and is still practiced today within the field of Alternative Medicine in Europe.

Fango mud is prepared only shortly before the actual treatment. To turn the fango powder into a muddy paste, water needs to be added. Depending on where in Europe you receive this treatment, thermal spring water is used. The combination of the volcanic nutrients and the thermal water’s iodine and bromine solutes enhance the curative effect of the fango mud wrap (also called fango pack or paraffin pack). Before it is applied on the aching part of your body, the mud is heated to a temperature ranging between 105°F and 120°F (ca. 40ºC – 48ºC). The fango mud is used in two different ways: either as an immediate wrap on your skin to absorb the mud’s valuable minerals or as a pack where the mud is put into a thin plastic cover, before it is placed on your body, also known as a paraffin pack. In the latter case, the soothing warmness of the mud is utilized for a thorough heating of your muscles and joints.

Recommended for: chronic pains, especially of the musculoskeletal system (back, neck, shoulders), osteoarthritis, lumbago, rheumatism, inflammatory diseases, fractures and skin diseases

  Which Spa Hotel offers this Treatment?

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Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent SPA****S
Hotel Imperial – SPA & Health Club*****
Luxury Spa Hotel OLYMPIC PALACE*****
Savoy Westend Hotel*****
Hotel Esplanade SPA & Golf Resort*****
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