Aroma Bath Therapy

An aroma bath therapy with essential aromatic oils is a widely used medical wellness treatment during a spa vacation. Scent, water and the soothing heat generate a wonderful relaxation and healing effect. 15 to 20 minutes in a stress-free environment, shut off from everything and everybody, does wonders for the overall well-being.

Depending on the aim of the treatment, various aromatic oils are available. To de-stress and for a good-night-sleep, an oil supplement made of valerian and dried hops is recommended. Eucalyptus opens up sinuses and strengthens the immune system during flu season. Spruce, mountain- and Swiss pine needle oil revive the spirits and bring back lost energy. Hay flowers (a mixture of seeds, flowers and grasses) are especially powerful after a stressful day, as they help to relax and unwind, but are also very helpful in fighting common cold symptoms. Couple drops of lavender oil in the bath water, will boost the energy level. Melissa loosens up and provides a tranquil feeling. A mixture of orange and lime blossom oils helps to harmonize unstable mood swings. The scent of rosemary regenerates the circular flow and has a positive effect on the nervous system. Juniper oil is a great choice after a hard physical workout, since it relieves muscle tension and provides a general feeling of relaxation.

Recommended for: as a natural remedy for cold and flu symptoms, revitalization, regain lost energy, de-stress, relaxation, muscle tension, mood swings, immune system boost, circular flow regeneration

  Which Spa Hotel offers this Treatment?

Romantischer Winkel SPA & Wellness Resort*****
Organic SPA Hotel Eggensberger****
Boutique & Feelness Hotel Muerz****
Grandhotel Lienz*****
Das Central – Alpine . Luxury . Life*****
Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent SPA****S
Hotel Imperial – SPA & Health Club*****
Luxury Spa Hotel OLYMPIC PALACE*****
Savoy Westend Hotel*****
Hotel Esplanade SPA & Golf Resort*****
Tree of Life SPA Resort****S
Resort Svata Katerina****
Spa Hotel ROYAL PALACE*****
Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel*****
Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa*****
EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel*****
VidaMar Resort Algarve Hotel*****
Abano Grand Hotel Anti-Aging Thermal SPA*****L